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Uffizi Gallery

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Greek and Roman Art

Three corridors of Uffizi Gallery palace run along the entire interior, where the Uffizi’s halls in Florence open.

The corridors are all decorated with frescoes and are home to valuable sculptures, most of which date back to Roman times, with numerous copies of Greek originals.

Several incomplete or broken statues were restored and supplemented by the great sculptors of the Renaissance.

Medieval Art

The Uffizi Gallery dedicates four rooms to Medieval art.

We start from the thirteenth century of Giotto, where stands out, in the center of the room, the “Majesty of All Saints” (around 1310): a monumental plant built plastically to highlight the chiaroscuro and the volume of the bodies.

We then cross the fourteenth century Florentine and the great masters of the fourteenth century of Siena, to get to the International Gothic, where the monumental “Coronation of the Virgin” (1414) by Lorenzo Monaco stands.