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Cities Audio Guides

Want to discover new places but in complete autonomy?

Would you rather ride alone without a guide?

Then our Cities Audio Guides are made for you: with our audio guides you can freely visit the city, stop in front of every point of interest, listen and read the history, curiosities and news in the language you want, and as many times as you want.

What is an audio guide?

A City Audio Guide is a mobile Application (for both Android and Apple Systems) through which you can visit a site in cokplete autonomy: follow the directions the Application give you, stop in front of the tourist attraction e then listen to its history!

Advantages of an audio guide:

  • Self-guided tours in different languages
  • Never get lost thanks to geolocation
  • Availability of content 24/7
  • Using Offline Maps to Not Use Your Data
  • Perfect operation of the offline app
  • Intuitive system
  • Rich audio and text content as souvenirs
  • Personalised itineraries on foot or by public transport to turn the journey into an experience, thanks to the Auto-Play function
  • Possibility to receive suggestions and information on services available on site

5 Maps Available

  • Florence
  • Cinque Terre & La Spezia
  • Pisa
  • Lucca
  • Pietrasanta

Very easy to install

  1. Buy the maps of the cities you want to visit at School
  2. Follow the link we give you
  3. Click on the attraction and listen to the audio guide any time you want